Scratch is a digital magazine of ideas and information about writing and money. We publish interviews, reported features, and essays about the relationship between being a writer and making a living. Our focus is on pragmatic, smart stories that help writers navigate their careers. We also go further, investigating the ways in which art and commerce intersect in work, life, and society. Scratch is for writers of all genres and trades, and for anyone interested in how creative professionals make their livings.

In 2015, Scratch will publish a double issue in February and single issues in April and July. Subscriptions cost $20 per year. Subscribers may use their login ID to access issues on this website and through our iOS app. The app is a free download that includes one free issue.

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Get in touch: editors@scratchmag.net


Scratch is edited and owned by Manjula Martin.

Published by 29th Street Publishing: David Jacobs, Alaina Browne, Nozlee Samadzadeh, Duncan Regan, Greg Knauss, Nora Bearman, Michelle Kamerath, Alex Hunley, and Charlotte Murtishaw


Scratch is looking for reported stories about the publishing and journalism industries; unique how-to or servicey pieces about the business of writing; and essays about writers’ relationships with work and money. Scratch is a quarterly, so stories should have relevance beyond the immediate news cycle. If what you’re pitching can be easily found for free in other venues online, it’s not a Scratch story. We publish 5-8 stories per issue.

Please send pitches to editors [at] scratchmag [dot] net. Please include a link to a couple relevant clips with your pitch, even if we already know you. If you don’t have clips because you’re a new writer, that’s okay. But if you do, please include them.

We pay contributors according to the length and projected workload of the piece, and the experience and skill of the writer. A personal essay usually runs between $75 and $150 dollars. A reported piece or longer feature could go up to $250. At the moment, we don’t often pay much more than that, but let’s talk. Our contract and rights terms are writer-friendly.


Scratch uses affiliate links in our articles. This means we might be paid a commission if you buy the books we link to. (This does not increase the price you pay.) We choose to affiliate with Powell’s Books because we support independent booksellers. We are required by law to tell you this. But—also—we hope that you agree this is an excellent and non-intrusive method to help cover the costs for publishing Scratch, at no additional cost to you.